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The first question everyone always asks is what do you charge? I only charge $300 a day for my time as a speaker (up to 4 hours). In addition, I ask that my expenses be paid for; i.e. airfare, travel,meals,lodging, audience handouts,etc.

how much do i charge


Now that that’s out of the way…..


Are you looking for a dynamic speaker to show your group how to…

  • Improve their Internet  marketing strategy
  • Improve their Search Engine Rankings
  • Increase Website Leads Improve Website Conversions
  • Implement a Google Ad Words campaign
  • Increase their brand awareness

My name is Jack Heape and I am an Internet marketing consultant and speaker. I help businesses achieve top search engine rankings, improve website conversion ratios, optimize landing pages and obtain overall better website results.

I have written several books on the subject of internet marketing;

  • More Leads, More Money: How to Increase Your Local Business Rankings in Google
  • Finding Your Place: How to Increase Your Local Bookstore Google Rankings
  • Get Online Now!Proven Internet Marketing Techniques for Local Business
  • SEO Local: Search Engine Optimization for Small Business

I have written hundreds of articles about internet marketing and small business.

I also have experience working with a broad array of industries, which  provides me and my audiences with two very unique and distinct advantages:

  • I can provide audience members with entry level ‘big picture’ strategies as well as provide very specific, proven, tactics that audience members can easily implement to see immediate improvements in their website results.
  • I have also learned that marketing strategies used in one industry can easily be adapted to another. Why reinvent the wheel?  Using practiced, successful strategies for different marketing channels can produce profitable results.

Businesses today have to be successful on the internet. The Yellow Pages are dead. In fact, based on the historical trend of yellow pages use vs. online searches, I predict that by 2012 less than 25% of of consumers will sue the yellow pages to find a product or business.  Successful businesses can no longer ignore the internet marketing channel.

Finally, I have fun at my speaking engagements. There is nothing worse than a speaker who bores his audience to death and has them yawning. I guarantee you that your group will have fun and lots of laughs if I do a presentation for them.

Again, I only charge $300 as a speaking fee (this can be waived, for instance for a non-profit). Why not more? For one thing, I love public speaking. As a speaker, I also get tons of exposure for my books. Finally, without even asking, I receive many requests from companies who wish to hire me to as a consultant.

So again, the only payment you have to make  is $300 and cover my expenses.

For more information on my schedule and availability as a speaker for your meeting or convention, please call me at 803-231-9193. or fill out the request form below;

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