Dominate Your Market

Dominate the Columbia market with your website. How?

Video SEO is the fastest way to get there. ranks websites based on traffic. And Youtube is ranked #4 in the United States which means you cannot ignore web video if you want to remain competitive in your local marketplace. Video is here to stay and the trend is growing exponentially. The longer you wait to start using online video to build credibility, trust, loyalty and excitement for your products and services the harder it will be for you to make sales period!

Online video should be a component on your website and in your internet advertising campaigns. You have two choices. Either do it yourself. By that I mean you or one of your employees can go through the trial and error process to figure it all out. OR you can outsource to a professional, like me. I guarantee the first method will cost you more time and money. And since the internet is constantly changing and upgrading daily, do you really want to do this yourself?

Having good quality web videos that stream properly with a player that works on your website and all across all web platforms can be created on a low budget within days. There’s no excuse to keep putting it off. Get your website a video and start using online videos to drive steady streams of traffic to your site in no time.

Jack Heape

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