Top Ten Factors to Consider for a Local Business Google Places Page in Columbia

Ten Most Important Factors for Ranking a Google Places Page in Columbia S.C.

One of the most important source of customers for a local business in Columbia is their Google Places page. Not only must you claim the page, but it must rank well when a prospective customer performs a search. If you are not on the first page of search results for your category, you will most likely never be seen. Ideally you should be in the top ten. Here are the 10 most important factors for getting your Places Page ranked high.

      1. Physical Address in City of Search (PLACE PAGE)
      2. Manually Owner-verified Place Page (PLACE PAGE)
      3. Proper Category Associations (PLACE PAGE)
      4. Volume of Traditional Structured Citations (IYPs, Data Aggregators) (OFF-PLACE/OFF-SITE)
      5. Crawlable Address Matching Place Page Address (WEBSITE)
      6. PageRank / Authority of Website Homepage / Highest Ranked Page (WEBSITE)
      7. Quality of Inbound Links to Website (OFF-PLACE/OFF-SITE)
      8. Crawlable Phone Number Matching Place Page Phone Number (WEBSITE)
      9. Local Area Code on Place Page (PLACE PAGE)
      10. City, State in Places Landing Page Title (WEBSITE)

There are many other factors, but these are considered to be the most important by industry professionals. If you want your business to be visible in Columbia S.C. then make sure your Places Page ranks well. Hire a professional internet marketer if need be.

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