Youtube Insight- Video Analytics


On March 27th Youtube officially released its first version of video analytics. This release brings new depth and attention to the importance of video marketing. Being the 3rd most trafficked site globally and the fact that the generation Y trend for video viewing has skyrocketed literally making online videos the new TV, according to emarketer, has helped to propel the recent attention onto online video marketing.

Video marketing was in the same category as mobile marketing for quite some time. Not many online marketers paid much attention to video but recently there has been an increasingly more predominate usage of video marketing and is becoming a standard tool in the Internet marketers toolbox.

Youtube has released the first version of its video analytics and said this about future updates:

“We’ll be making new features and additional information available fairly quickly — like a specific breakdown of how viewers discovered the video — so keep an eye out as we roll out new features.”

In case you missed it, the video above shows you how to access the new reports and some key functions that are going to provide internet marketers with a lot more information which leads to better decision making when doing video marketing.

Watch this video for further explanation;


Visit this link if you are logged in to your Youtube or Google account to view your accounts analytics.

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