Free eBook – How to Plan and Profit From Facebook Advertising

How to Profit from Facebook Advertising

As a small local business owner, you have to take advantage of and capitalize on every opportunity to promote your business. Advertising on Facebook is a great way to do just that.

Facebook is in millions of homes around the world. In fact, it has more than 500 million active users. (An active user is someone who has been on the site in the past 30 days.)

On November 6, 2006, Facebook launched their advertising program. “For the last hundred years media has been pushed out to people, but now marketers are going to be a part of the conversation. And they’re going to do this by using the social graph in the same way our users do,” Zuckerberg announced.

While Facebook ads work much the same as other PPC or Pay Per Click ads do, there are a few significant differences.
Facebook allows you to narrow your ads to be seen by more specific demographic (i.e. Age, Sex, Location and often interest).

  • On Facebook, targeting with keywords is optional
  • Facebook ads are delivered direct to your target audience right on their profile pages Compared to Google ads, on Facebook there are fewer advertisers which means less competition for your niche. This is also relevant because it can cost you much less per click – a better return on your investment.
  • Additionally, people can “Like” your advertisements, which can produce a snowball effect. If you’re seeking to drive traffic to your website, Facebook Fan Page, Profile Page event, group or application, Facebook Advertising may be your ideal solution.

This free eBook  operates under the assumption that you already have a Facebook Account. If you do not, you’ll need to register – it’s free.

This report walks you through the five steps required to plan and profit from Facebook Advertising. The steps include:

  • Step #1What Are Your Goals?
  • Step #2 Who is Your Audience?
  • Step #3 Design Your Advertisement
  • Step #4 Establish Your Budget and Pricing
  • Step #5 Track the Data!