Internet Marketing Service

What we do…

First, we meet or talk with you at length to determine exactly what your needs are and what are your goals. Who are your customers? Where are they located? What services or products do you sell?

Next, we decide on a marketing strategy and budget. We then decide how we are going to measure the results.

Some results can be immediate, for instance with PPC. It usually can take at least 2-3 months before results with just SEO can occur. This can be accelerated by the purchase of additional marketing tools, which is decided upon during the budgeting process.

After one month we mutually decide whether to continue based on the plan’s results. If we continue, we refine the marketing plan and institute any necessary changes

And the cost? Our basic fee usually is only $150 per month. However, than can increase depending on what exactly your goals are. We MUST obtain the agreed upon number of prospects or results, and if we do not we refund your fee. Remember, our results are measurable. You know if your marketing dollar is being used effectively.

Call us today at 803-477-2506 and let us turn on the power of the internet for you.