Free Website Audit

No-Cost, No-Obligation Website Marketing Audit

Your website can (and should) be your most effective and efficient marketing tool. But in order for that to happen, prospective clients must be able to find it.

We’ll generate a customized Website Marketing Audit report that will show you how your website is performing from a marketing perspective. In other words – are you giving Google and the other search engines what they want so that when someone in your area does an internet search for your type of service, your website shows up high in the rankings.

We utilize several analysis tools including one that will assign your website a marketing grade based on a number of criteria.

Here’s a sampling of what the report will cover:

  • How many consumers in your area are searching for related phrases on the internet
  • Is your site designed to target your most profitable procedures
  • How many inbound links does your website have (how many other websites are pointing to yours)
  • Where you currently rank for the highest volume search phrases
  • How many of your pages is Google “seeing” and therefore giving you credit for
  • Why are some of your competitors always on the first page of Google
  • Who are your toughest online competitors and what will it take to beat them

We’ll summarize and explain all of this for you in a no-obligation 30 minute consultation. You will then receive the full report and all supporting data to do with as you please.

So why would we do all this work for free?

First, we actually enjoy this stuff. We find it very interesting & each time we compile one of these reports it adds to our knowledge base and gives us a better understanding of how to more effectively optimize websites for the search engines.

Second, we enjoy helping businesses grow. I know that sounds cliché, but it’s the truth.

Finally (and truthfully, the main reason) – although we explain all of the data in plain English and spell out exactly what needs to be done in order to start getting new patients from the internet, most business owners don’t have the time, desire or knowledge to do all the required work themselves, so many of them will end up hiring us to do some, or all of it for them.

You don’t have to worry, we will not give you a high pressure sales pitch or call and harass you after we provide you the report – that is not our style. We will simply analyze the data, clearly explain what it all means and tell you how to utilize it. You then decide what you’d like to do with it.

So if you’d like to take us up on this free offer and start getting your share of the consumers that are searching online for businesses in your area, simply complete the form below. We will prepare the report and within 2-3 business days contact you to schedule a time to go over the findings.

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