Lead Generation

Lead Generation

More Calls

Do you need more customers? Would you like your phone to be ringing off the hook with new leads? Targeted leads calling for your specific service? We can help.

  • LinkLocal only works for one industry specific company in each city.
  • We provide you with exclusive leads.
  • No sharing of lead with 4 or 5 other businesses like some other lead generation companies do.

More Customers

We help you turn those phone calls into active customers.

  • We use effective call to action landing pages so prospective leads contact you right away.
  • We record all phone calls, so you know if the lead is an actual lead.
  • We help you with your response to incoming calls, so you can obtain higher conversions of calls into actual paying customers.

More Profit

By only paying for real leads, you keep your new customer acquisition costs low.

  • We only provide exclusive leads.
  • The customer calls you, and the lead is not shared with any other contractors or providers.

Leads, at a lower price, and better quality, means more profit for you.

Call us today for a free consultation. 877-959-6722

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