Is Facebook now Hates Upworthy?

The latest news from Performance Marketing Insider, “Is Facebook now Hates Upworthy?”

Performance Marketing Insider say’s, “As you likely remember, Facebook made an algorithm change last December, which was designed to improve the information people saw on their news feed. Specifically, it was meant to improve the news content that was displayed from media sites. It has been about three months since the change, and some interesting statistics are starting to roll out from this move.

The first major statistics is regarding social publishing sites, which primarily find news stories and repackage them for publication. Sites such as Upworthy, Elite Daily, Vice, and others all experienced significant drops in traffic since the change. Here are a few of the hardest hit sites, and the percentage of traffic lost from Facebooks change:

Upworthy Dropped by 51%

Elite Daily Dropped by 47%

Distractify Dropped by 30%

Vice Dropped by 22%

BroBible Dropped by 17%

Huffington Post Dropped by 16%

Thought Catalog Dropped by 7%

These are all major sites, which have become successful largely because of traffic they were getting from Facebook…”

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Is Facebook now Hates Upworthy?