Key Elements for Making a Video for your business targeting

Making of a Great Video for your business in

So you’ve decided to create a video about your business in . Where do you start? How? Here are the four important elements to keep in mind while you’re planning out or producing your promotional business video.

1. Target Audience – If you’re planning to jump into the planning process thinking, “I want to make a video about my business and put it on the Internet to everyone from everywhere,” then you may as well forget about making your video now.

For any video to be effective, it needs to target”and reach”a certain market. Thus, your first step is to think of demographics: age, gender, economic status, nationality, educational level, disposable income, and the like. Who are you trying to reach in ? When you know the answer to this, you can then target your market’s hot buttons through images that your target market will most likely find appealing. In a nutshell, here is what you need to do before you start working on any video product:

  • define your niche market
  • define your target audience
  • create your video with a very specific type of person in mind

2. Participants – Video is not only a format; it is a language. In other words, do not say it if you can’t show it. For this reason, you need to consider your video product’s participants, too. If you’re making a how-to video on a subject that you have expert knowledge on, then this should not be a problem”you can do everything yourself. However, if you need another person’s help, you would need to first find a narrator and then work on the script next. As a rule of thumb, educational, promotional, and do-it-yourself videos should be peppered with voice-overs. This is because people learn better when they see”not just hear”how something is done.

3. Length – What type of video are you making? The type should decide the length. A great educational or do-it-yourself video can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. On the other hand, a promotional video can take as little as 1 to 2 minutes, with 3 to 4 minutes being the maximum length.

4. Props – The props you need depend on the type and subject matter of your video. If you plan to create a how-to video that you will narrate yourself, jot down a list of all the props you will be using. Lay out the scenes of the shoot before you shoot it, and then walk through these scenes several times with your camera operator.

In Summary: Readiness is an important element in video production. To make a great video, think of your video’s target audience, participants, length, and props. Once you have all these covered, producing your video will be a lot easier! Creating a video to promote your business in is an important first step in your internet marketing plan.