Backlinks Are Still Important

There are 3 main items you need for seo to still work.

1. Backlinks

2. On page optimization and content

3. Visitor behaviour (how long they stay on page)

Backlinks are the easiest to do, but because they are easy, they are often done incorrectly.

How should you structure your link building?

There are 4 types of backlinks you need, and you should use the following % of each type…

  • 10% primary keywords (the keyword you are trying to specifically rank for)
  • 50% brand keywords (the name or type of your business)
  • 20% useless keywords (click here, go here, etc.)
  • 20% LSI keywords (related keywords but not specifically the one you are trying to tank for)

A lot of people got hit by over optimizing with specific anchors of just a few keywords. Google did a big smack down of that, particularly on sites that had little relevant content, and/or depended on an exact match domain.